Mariano was able to work wonders for us. We had been to three trainers before him with little to show for it, he not only helped our fearful dog Bubba out in the neighborhood, but he worked with us in our home where he needed work and even went to a dog handling class with us to work with Bubba. It has made a major difference in our relationship with our dogs.

Bill and Cristine Lewis

We got Luke as a service animal for my wife. He's a big boy and has tons of energy, we'd walk him every day and take him to run in the fields when we could. He would still lunge at cars, cats, dogs and had tried to bite in the past. My wife wanted him but we were having a hard time controlling him so I wasn't sure we would be able to keep him. I called Mariano and he had Luke walking perfectly on leash first day. He did such a good job with Luke that the SPCA in Lemoore (where we got Luke) were amazed at what Mariano was able to do with him. They asked for his business card so I called him and asked for 100 of them and drove them over myself. He's a smart kid who does excellent work.

Jerry & Heather Warren

Mariano really knows dogs, and how to get the best from them. When I brought Angie home from the shelter, she was pretty wild. Over the course of a two - week board and train, Mariano managed to calm her down

Carmi Bleviss

Mariano is professional and very patient. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. He customizes every training session and caters to exactly what our dog needs. He even brings other dogs to help with the training when it is needed. He is available to answer any questions throughout the week by phone call and text. We really appreciate all the help and training he has given us over the past several weeks.

Leah Holmes

Mariano is professional, goes out of his way to deliver, and after 4 lessons, my Siberian Huskies are already responding very well and showing more improvement than when I left them over one month at Cesar Milan's training center with e collar work. Mariano has a much gentler approach, and is great at actually training my fiancé and I to be able to consistently maintain our dogs good behavior and keep their bad habits from coming back. I am looking forward to being able to take my dog aggressive Husky to a dog park soon. She is already practicing avoidance and being much patient around other dogs on her walks, thus far. I am amazed that in such short time, they have made this kind of improvement after years of trying to make these types of changes with other trainers and little results. Mariano is super informative, patient, kind, and an excellent trainer. I wish I had come across him 8 years ago when my fur kids were pups. I would have saved myself so much unnecessary hardship and financial burden that their aggression towards other animals has cost me to date.

Carla Ramirez

Mariano worked wonders with my lil Queensland Tate. He taught Tate how to behave properly and taught ME how to incorporate his new learned skills into our everyday life. Mariano is extremely dedicated to his craft, extremely knowledgeable, patient and animated to make the training interesting and fun. I highly recommend Mariano to anyone looking for a fabulous dog trainer!!!

Libby and Tate McGreggor Claassen

I highly recommend happy pup training. We learned how to communicate with our puppy in order for him to learn and obey our commands. I really liked how the trainer taught us the training techniques so we could continue with the training after the sessions were over. The trainer is very knowledgeable and makes everything easy to learn and understand. Our 11 week old Australian Shepard was learning and showing changes after one training session. Within a few days he learned how to walk on leash and we learned some techniques to calm him down when he gets to hyper. After a few training sessions he heels on walks, obeys the sit, down, stay commands, can play in the park on long leash, and we learned how to house train him, and communicate effectively with our puppy. Now our Aussie is great around people and other dogs and I couldn't be happier with the services happy pup training provided.

Megan Matamoros

Mariano is an amazing trainer! He’s very positive and definitely has a passion for what he does. My 9 month old Great Dane finds his training to be a game which is a great thing. He explains and demonstrates his training techniques clearly. I would highly recommend Mariano.

Terri Harris

Mariano transformed our overly energetic (rude) puppy into a fun family dog!!! We are so grateful for his expertise and so happy to enjoy spending time with our now much more well behaved dog!! Thanks Mariano!!

Mariano is fantastic!

My fiance and I have a difficult puppy with a lot of attitude, and before we met Mariano, we did not know what to do... He has worked with us and our puppy and she is doing so so much better even after a few sessions!

We strongly recommend working with Mariano if you're looking for someone who is willing to go the extra mile and answer any and all questions that you have in a way that is so easy to understand!

Thank you Mariano!

Ashley Harris

Mariano has turned ours and our puppy's life around! His easy approach to dog training has helped us gain control over our sassy pup like no one ever was able to! He has always made himself available to answer any and all questions no matter what time of day or night!

We cannot even begin to thank him enough! If you are looking for someone who will work around your schedule and really takes interest in yours and your dogs well beings, then Mariano is definitely the guy to go to!

Danny Mead

Mariano is fantastic. He has a deep understanding of dogs and provides a great balance of stern and compassionate training. Our dog loves him. Mariano really helped correct a lot of negative habits. We are so much happier with our dog now.

Liat Yamini

I signed up with Mariano for personal lessons about a month ago. I have a European working Dobermann currently 3.5 months old. Mariano has came to our home for the 3 lessons we have done so far and we are so happy with what he has taught us and Copper our Dobermann. I contacted other trainers and did not feel very comfortable with them. Copper loves it when Mariano comes over for our lessons, he gets extremely excited and is eager to learn. Once Mariano leaves, I continue to apply what he has taught me and Copper picks up on it quickly. I highly recommend Mariano and am excited to continue our lessons with him as he is very personable with us and our dog. He is a great dog trainer.

Tommy Do

Mariano is the best! When I got Jack he was a traumatized rescue who was aggressive because of his fear and insecurity. But with Mariano’s help, he is happy and well-trained. Hire Mariano, follow his training (for both you and your dog!), and you will be amazed at the results. There are no bad dogs, but there are plenty of people who don’t know what to do to help their dog. Thanks to Mariano, you can reduce the number of people in that category by at least one. You will not regret it!

Mike Morrison

We couldn’t have found a better dog trainer for our golden doodle Maple! After reading Marino’s bio - I knew immediately he is passionate about what he does. We met with Mariano and ensured this was the perfect fit. His knowledge about dog behavior and training is second to none. We booked Maple for 3 weeks straight of dog training. (VERY fair pricing)
Although it was hard to leave her that long, I wouldn’t change a thing! Maple is the most obidient puppy I have ever had now! She loves practicing her new tricks. Mariano’s dog training package comes with 4 additional training sessions after the 3 weeks to brush up on skills and teach new ones. This is very needed because not only do our pets need training, but us owners need training on how to continue practicing what they have learned.
I highly, highly recommend Marino for any of your dog training needs. We have a 2 year old golden retriever who we will be bringing to him next!

Kait McGrath

My dog kiki used to run out of the house and into the neighbor's backyards all the time. It was very difficult to catch her because she was so fast. I had enough of it so I put her through Mariano's train and board program and she was a different dog 2 weeks later. My second dog also had problems with walking on leash but after the program, she was much calmer and I'm now able to walk both off leash. I regularly take them to Mariano for dog sitting.

Patrick Dao

Mariano did an amazing job training our dog. We bought a labradoodle puppy and, thanks to his great training, she is well disciplined and obeys well. I would highly recommend Mariano to my friends and for any type of dog. He has a calm approach and it shows that he loves all dogs.

Dwight Hotchkiss

I am very grateful to Mariano because he could made me understand how to use the tools I was using to train my Belgian Malinois. I had been training my dog for a year with other three training programs but I was not yet confident that he would follow my comand on any situation. Mariano has taught me some new skills and has provided me with a better understanding of my dog's reactivity. As a trainer he is knowledgeable, reliable and polite.

Maricruz Gill

I can not recommend Mariano enough! He is professional, reliable, a true dog behaviorist and will do what is best for your dog! He communicates very well and takes the time to teach you how to deal with your dog’s issues, agression, anxiety, bad habits etc. Which in turn makes you enjoy your dog more! We love you Mariano!

Nouha Kupelian

Amazing, exceptional, knowledgeable dog trainer, I would highly recommend!

Lori Russo

Mariano is an excellent trainer. We adopted a loving but over excited 50lbs pitbull named Django. We gave him to Mariano for 3 weeks to get Django all the important basics and then Mariano transition to us.
Mariano is firm but caring at the same time.
Django is now very well trained and we continue his training per Mariano's techniques. When Django sees Mariano, he is a very happy and that tells everything.

This is the best investment you can make. The earlier you train your dog the better he will behave....just like humans.

Guillaume Tourneur

Mariano is great! We let him take control of our French Bulldog for three whole weeks. It was strange not having our baby in the house, but when it was time for pick-up it was like we had a whole new dog. Everyone knows French Bulldog’s are extremely stubborn and set in their own ways but Mariano was able to reverse this. Before we took Kai to Mariano he did not sit, lay down, walk on a leash, stay calm with other dogs, or stay in place for longer than a second. Now Kai can be walked off-leash, he sits, stays, ALMOST rolls over, stays in place, and can be in a huge crowd of dogs and not get antsy or aggressive with any of them. I highly recommend Mariano’s services!

Harrison Embree