Why focus matters

Dogs with impressive obedience skills who could benefit from some state of mind work is something that I see quite a bit. They're taught are taught to GO GO GO!! which is totally fine, as long as they're also taught to relax and be at peace. The objective here is simple, it's all about balance. Teaching a dog to slow down and take a step back is such a valuable gift. It affords them the opportunity to find calmness in stillness. To let go of the need to be high-strung all of the time. It's a funny sort "reverse psychology" approach. We teach a dog to focus in order to help them understand the value in tuning out. Tuning out of all of the distractions and white noise that don't serve them. The things that just fill their heads to the brim with temptation and confusion. By removing these variables, we allow our dogs to be present, attentive, and tuned-in. Then the path becomes clear.

Learn to avoid the fluff. Focus on what matters, and let go of what doesn't. It's up to us to coach our dogs to the best of our abilities so they can achieve their best and highest form of self. It all starts with focus!!