Why E-collar?

Why E-collar?!? Doesn't it hurt? Won't it make my dog worse? Won't they hate it? There's a huge negative stigma surrounding e-collar training. It's hard to blame people for it. I mean, after all, I know this fear comes from a place of love. We want to protect our dogs. We want to do what is best for them. We try to avoid causing them any more pain, fear, and anxiety. Pretty hard to knock someone for this, not to mention counterproductive. Rest assured, the beginnings of an informed society of dog owners is on the horizon. The truth behind modern e-collar training is beginning to seep into dog culture. These tools were never meant as a means to bully dogs into compliance. They're designed, instead, to serve as a means of offering information for your dog. It's a tool used to create a sense of structure where before there was chaos. A sense of accountability where before there was utter nonchalance or disrespect for rules and boundaries. Most importantly, though, it's meant to serve as a means empowering owners by showing them that any dog can be better. And the best part is in the simplicity of it all. Here's the kicker!! There's a secret to training dogs. That's right! Without fail, it means the difference between lasting results and disheartening regression. The secret to training is.... that there is no secret! The magic is in the work. Being willing to inch your way to success with your dog day by day. Some days feel amazing while others can crush confidence. Always remember, they're dogs. Like us, they will never be perfect. Also like us, remaining faithful to the process will yield you result! But there's a catch-22 here. Do half the work, reap no reward. Do all the work reap all the reward. This process hasn't failed me yet. It will work. But only if you do.