When to be patient, and when not to be.

Whenever people find out that I'm a dog trainer they always ask the same question,"wow that must take a lot of patience, huh?". They're absolutely right but there's more to it than that. Training means more than conditioning simple commands. It's about teaching a dog an entirely new set of rules and guidelines to live by. It means breaking down habits to make way for better and healthier ones even during those moments when the older habits seem like the right way to go.

Any trainer will tell you be it dogs or personal fitness trainers, teaching someone how to diet and exercise isn't exactly complicated. It's finding ways to motivate and keep them motivated through the inevitable rougher patches that make all the difference. It's about creating a new and improved frame of mind complete with the habits to sustain it and protect it from the rigors of the real world. Anyone can diet when they want to, any dog will listen when listening is easy. Giving them the tools to resist temptation and do the right thing even when it's difficult, that's what real training is about.

With that being said, training does require moments of patience. We're all creatures of habit who naturally resist change. Because of this, we often resist change even if it would be for the better. What we think tends to get in the way of what actually is. For that reason, TEACHING requires patience. However, ACCOUNTABILITY will require you to be impatient. It's the all important missing link in many training programs. It allows owners to empower themselves and help their dogs understand that certain behaviors that were otherwise taught or replaced with better ones will no longer be tolerated. Not because we believe that it is important to dictate every aspect of a dog's behaviors. The reality is though, that thoughts and behaviors are intrinsically linked. Therefore, adjusting a dog's behaviors into healthier, calmer, and more accepting ones inevitably works overtime to adjust the dog's overall state of mind into the same.