Obedience is only half the battle

When working with dogs that have a bit more of a stubborn disposition (which can be any breed, age, gender, let's not kid ourselves) I often find that owners and trainers tend to have the same problems. . Perhaps the one that I see most often is a trained dog will behave and perform for the trainer but not the owners. Or maybe performs for the one owner in the house who is the authoritative figure but tends to blow off everyone else. This can be confusing for owners because they sometimes feel that the dog wasn't taught the command and doesn't know what they want. Or perhaps forgets in the moment due to all of the excitement or temptation. And either case bonus content to be hesitant about shifting the blame on to the dog because they feel that it is mean of them. Before I continue let me be clear, we do have an obligation to ensure that our dogs are taught properly and understand exactly what is expected of them before we can fairly hold them accountable. When this is the case though, it is also our obligations as trainers and owners to hold her accountable and ensure that they complete commands and respect boundaries.

The reason why is the solution to the problem of a dog that doesn't listen to its owner like it does the trainer. Obedience is only one piece of the puzzle. The puzzle piece that is often missing is teaching owners the importance of reinforcing demands and boundaries. This is what allows them to adjust the relationship into one with a dog has more respect for the owner. I've met many dogs that know their commands very well but will simply refuse to listen. By holding them accountable, we give them the information they need to succeed by showing them that we expect them to perform the behaviors we ask of them. Always keep this in mind moving forward. Dogs don't listen to trainers because we ask things of them. Dogs listen to trainers because we hold them accountable for the things that we ask of them. It's that sense of consistent leadership that dogs gravitate toward and feel most comfortable with.