Train Vs. Maintain

Always keep in mind that raising pups is a constant. Not one of those do it once, and it's done chores like painting the hallway. More like keeping the house clean, constant maintenance. And much like cleaning a house, the more I have to do to maintain it the less work you have to do each day. . Lots of trainers struggle with helping owners understand the reason behind using training tools to help alter a dogs state of mind. The longer the house is left unkept, the bigger the mess. The bigger the mess, the more tedious and daunting of a task it becomes to achieve a clean house. Keeping a dog that is well-trained, exercised, and socialized in a healthy head space seems like it takes virtually no work. This often Sparks the "That dog is just a great dog" mentality. The reality is that dog's owner is actively invested in maintaining their pups. Dogs that lack these things will often develop behavioral issues to help them cope with the anxiety of going without. Training a dog out of destructive habits is cleaning the messy house. Absolutely doable, but a bigger, more serious job than maintaining an already trained dog. Untrained dogs often have issues with hyper-fixation, aggression, or high levels of anxiety due to sensory overload. Training tools such as prong collars and e-collars allow us to help these dogs by managing their focus and using it to create a calmer and much healthier state of mind. Owners always mean well, but sometimes their fear and aversion to these training tools can hold their dogs back. The meanest thing someone can do to a nervous dog is allow them to remain nervous. It's our job as trainers and owners to create a space for our pups to existing that is safe and that allows us to cultivate the absolute best stuff in