Do you create what you want? Or what you fear?

The new year is hours away. In the years to come, just like the years that have pased, it's up to us to create and make manifest what we want out of life. I lke to see it this way, an owner who thinks that their dog is aggressive will treat their dog as if it is aggressive. This means tensing up when another dog is walking by, trying to soothe the dog to calm it down, or just locking it away all-together to avoid the problem. Now, in a realistic sense this does mask the problem so i could see why some people would consider this a smart option. The problem with this though, is that it only postpones the inevitable. A misbehaved dog that is stuffed into it's crate where it can cause no harm is still a misbehaved dog. Now hey, I'm a realistic guy and i understand that it can be scary, stressful, and quite frankly, an annoying hassle to try to work on your dog's behaviors. Typically for me, the fear that makes me question whether or not I should do something comes from the insecurity of non knowing if i even could. Admitting defeat sucks every time! But, I also argue that defeat is only defeat if you give up. Just keep in mind that when you give up, you're reinforcing the idea that you can't do something. If you try again and again, you reinforce work ethic, resilience, and self-belief. You train your brain to think of all the things you can do, not the things you can't. Here's something that i would tell myself,"even if it takes a while, if i stick to this I believe that I will overcome it!". Rome wasn't built in a day, it was built day by day. Build yourself as Rome was built, one day at a time. Train yourself to take the risk, and keep a high-head and a confident smile. We all strugle. Happy New Year!!

-Mariano A.