Exactly what is it to train a dog?

My definition of dog training is simple. Adapting a dog and owner to best fit each other's lifestyles. While this seems almost elementary in it's simplicity, i've always found that brushing up on basics can deepen someone's understandings on more complex ideas because they understand the end-goal. Working dogs with their various issues and temperments means I've also worked with many types of owners. While all owners who invest in training for their dogs do so because they have the dog's best interest in mind, many of them find it hard to accept the information we give them as trainers. Between their assumptions about training, over-complicating training, or thinking that the dog learns and thinks in the same ways that we do, many trainers have difficulty sometimes getting through to the owners. The problem there is that it'll be up to the owner to keep up with what we teach them. Someone told me that all of life is like going to the gym or servicing a car, nothing is ever done, it takes constant maintenance. Dog training is no different. We're happy to work alongside you with private lossons, or do the work for you with a board and train program, but ultimately the dog will live it's life with you and it'll be you're responsibility to continue to do the things that we'll teach you. Do the work and the results will be there!!

Happy Hollidays from Happy Pups,