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A good friend, and mentor taught me that success in training relies heavily on communication. "Let the dog experts teach you to be your dog's expert", he'd say. In training, we focus on building understanding between dogs and owners. We find what motivates our dogs. We encourage and develop healthy drive. This makes for a fun and educational training experience while we shape new behavior patterns. We then ask these of them under real-world distraction. Teaching both dog and owner the importance of each role in the relationship.

The un|TAMED method

Mariano is the best! When I got Jack he was a traumatized rescue who was aggressive because of his fear and insecurity. But with Mariano’s help, he is happy and well-trained.
Hire Mariano, follow his training (for both you and your dog!), and you will be amazed at the results. There are no bad dogs, but there are plenty of people who don’t know what to do to help their dog. Thanks to Mariano, you can reduce the number of people in that category by at least one. You will not regret it!

Mike Morrison

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Online Lessons

In today's world, it can be advantageous to be able to work with a professional trainer via video call. Whether you're extremely busy, elsewhere in the world, or practicing social distancing, our online programs are designed to teach owners the importance of obedience and relationship-building from the comfort of their own homes. Lessons are held once a week for the duration of our program. Package size depends on you, your dog, and your goals for training. Lessons are 60 minutes each. 

Online lesson $150

Package of 5 $625

Package of 10 $1,000

Give us a call to schedule a consultation! 323-438-2255

In-home consultations - $125

Consultations held here at our facility - $75

Mariano worked wonders with my lil Queensland Tate. He taught Tate how to behave properly and taught ME how to incorporate his new learned skills into our everyday life. Mariano is extremely dedicated to his craft, extremely knowledgeable, patient and animated to make the training interesting and fun. I highly recommend Mariano to anyone looking for a fabulous dog trainer!!!

Libby and Tate McGreggor Claassen