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My name is Mariano Alvarez. I'm the founder and owner of Untamed. I've always been fascinated with some of the more overlooked aspects of dog training. Too many of us undermine the importance of the little moments. The seemingly innocuous, often cute things our dogs do that they really shouldn't. These add up to equal a larger conversation over time. They make up the majority of our interactions with our dogs.

Untamed Dog Co. is devoted to empowering owners with a true understanding of the all-important dog and owner relationship. Teaching the importance of its various dynamics and quirks. Giving owners the knowledge needed to take their dogs to the next level.

We proudly offer private in-home lessons, group classes, and board and train programs. Also, be sure to check out our videos and blog posts. All of which are geared toward our mission of helping you achieve the utmost success with your dog!

"Mariano is an excellent trainer. We adopted a loving but over excited 50lbs pitbull named Django. We gave him to Mariano for 3 weeks to get Django all the important basics and then Mariano transition to us.
Mariano is firm but caring at the same time.
Django is now very well trained and we continue his training per Mariano's techniques. When Django sees Mariano, he is a very happy and that tells everything.
This is the best investment you can make. The earlier you train your dog the better he will behave....just like humans."

Guillaume Tourneur

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"Mariano was able to work wonders for us. We had been to three trainers before him with little to show for it, he not only helped our fearful dog Bubba out in the neighborhood, but he worked with us in our home where he needed work and even went to a dog handling class with us to work with Bubba. It has made a major difference in our relationship with our dogs."

Bill and Cristine Lewis